Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pronunciation guide for Gifts of Vorallon

I just thought it would be handy to share my pronunciation guide. This is how I hear the unique names and words of Vorallon in my head and how I pronounce them when I read the story out loud. I think, however, that the reader should always choose the pronunciation that the word has already formed in their mind, but for cases where one is just not sure (especially with the dwarven words) this might help.

NAMES (somewhat in order of appearance or mention)

Hethal – HETH-ehl (like Ethel)
Lorn (Lord Lorn) – LAWRN (like born, or the end of forlorn)
Moyan (General Moyan) – MOY-ahn (moy sounds like toy or boy)
Dehmet – deh-MET
Kamunki – kah-MOON-key
Elena – EL-uh-nuh
Ivrane – EVE-rain
Lorace – LORE-ess (like Horace)
Fara – FAIR-ah
Tornin – TORE-nihn
Hurn – HERN (like yearn)
Aran (Lord Aran) – AIR-ahn (very close to Aaron)
Adwa-Ki – add-wuh-KEY
Verth – VIHRTH (like mirth)
Halverth – HAHL-vihrth
Somera – sum-AIR-ah
Thryk – THRIKE (like trike with a lisp and a good rolling R)
Taggi – TAG-ee
Ehddan – ehd-DAN
Falraan (Captain Falraan) – fall-RAN
Nordoc –NORE-doc
Oen (Guardian Oen) – OH-ehn (almost like Owen with less emphasis on the WUH in the middle)
Rovinnan – ROVE-in-nan
Jorune – joe-RUNE
Bartalus – BAR-tuh-luhs
Veladis – veh-LAH-dis
Ralli – RAHL-ee (like Rally or Valley)
Petor – peh-TORE (the E is nearly silent)
Quig – KWIHG (like twig)
Aizel (Lord Aizel) – EYE-zehl
Wralka (Prince Wralka) – wrawl-KAH
Yarkin – yahr-KIN
Tezzirax – tez-zee-RACKS (almost like tesseract with a lot of buzz)
Rindal (Sir Rindal) – RIN-doll
Kvarrak – kuh-VAR-rack
Gnarwa – NAHR-wuh (start way back in the throat)
Losqua – LAH-skwah
Dranna – drahn-NUH
Marek – mare-EHK
Andrigar (Captain Andrigar) – ahn-dri-GAR
Palla – PAL-luh
Eldravina – ehl-drah-VEE-nah
Dederon – dehd-er-ON
Esrenar – ehz-rehn-AHR
Harna-Ki – hahr-nah-KEY
Iris – EYE-rihs (like the flower)
Chreen (Lord Chreen) – CHREEN (like preen only all messed up at the beginning)
Dakkar – duh-CAR


Vorallon – VORE-eh-lawn
Jaarda – JAR-duh
Nefryt – neh-FREET
Zuxra – ZUCKS-rah
Ousenar – OU-zen-ar
Erenar – AIR-en-ar
Zed – zed (just like the British Z)
Keth (Keth Forest) – KETH (like Beth)
Halversome – HAL-ver-sum
Silarne (Silarne River) sil-ARN
Vlaske K’Brak – vlas-KEY kuh-BRACK
Kur K’Tahn – cur-kuh-TAN
Jalton – JAHL-tun


Voradin (Voradin Tree) – VORE-a-dihn
Vranka – vreyn-KAH
Brakke Zahn – bra-KEY ZON
Sakke Vrang – sa-KEY VRANG
Chokke K’Rak – cho-KEY kuh-RACK
Tzet Fek – tzet-FECK
Trundt – trundt (just like it is spelled)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

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