Friday, August 16, 2013

The Lightgiver is out to beta readers

The first draft of The Lightgiver is 13k words long. This puts it well into novelette range, but still shy of novella size. I set out to write a short story, but the story took the reigns and established its own length.

If my betas find things to cut for the betterment of the story, then cut I shall. I have no trouble murdering my darlings, that part is easy. This is the first pass. I will take what they give me and go over it all again then send that back out for a last pass with a focus on copy editing.

I have not written anything this dark before. I just had the urge to push myself in that direction. To work out my hangups about not killing off characters with whom I have grown attached. This story is the result. It is a tragedy and it is full of deep-seated fears that swirl around the theme of dehumanization. Other than darkness, the story is also about human spirit, magic, and ideas--big ideas.

I don't have a release date yet, somewhere within a month or two it will be available on the kindle and possibly a very slim book through Createspace.

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