Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garlan and Ferune interview Sir Rindal

Garlan: First off, My sister and I would like to thank everyone for checking out our first character interview...

Ferune: Yeah, thanks.

Garlan: Why don't you introduce our guest, Ferune, since you can't take your eyes off the poor guy.

Ferune: Hmm? Oh yeah. We are thrilled to have the incredibly handsome Sir Rindal as our first ever guest. Most readers of Thomas Cardin's work will recognize him as the Paladin of the Lady from The Gifts of Vorallon series. We're so happy you could join us today. Sir Rindal, or do you prefer just Rindal.

Rindal: Just Rindal is fine, the 'Sir' is more of a formal thing for being a Paladin.

Garlan: Perhaps you could help us with that, Rindal. What's the difference between being a knight and being a paladin?

Rindal: Well I am going to have to go with the distinction which Thomas uses in his books, it may be different among other stories and literature. A knight is an honorable warrior in the service of a lord or king, more of a trouble shooter throughout their realm rather than a leader of men, though they can be that as well. They act as their liege's arm and voice. A paladin is much the same, only they serve a god.

Ferune: Like a warrior priest?

Rindal: One could view them as such, but it's much more than that. I'm more of a trouble shooter for the Lady rather than a messenger. I do what she asks me to do.

Garlan. What can you tell us about your origin story that occurs in The Allero Genesis?

Rindal: The story isn't finished yet, but so far it has revealed some interesting information about me...

Ferune: Like that you're genetically engineered to be perfect?

Garlan: Easy there, Ferune, he's not superhuman.

Ferune: He is from where I'm sitting.

Rindal: Yes, no, I'm not superhuman, though in the Vorallon books it's revealed that I am a Gifted One. I was genetically engineered upon the planet of mankind's origin after an apocalyptic event left mankind tainted with poisonous, disfiguring genes. I have no biological parents, though I was raised by other engineered people.

Ferune: So you were made to help repopulate the world?

Garlan: You can get your hand off his leg, Ferune. Rindal, I'd like to focus on a particularly revealing scene in The Allero Genesis. From what I have read so far, it appears you are hooking up with an elf by the name of Daccura Vin. How did that come about?

Rindal: It just sort of happened. The events brought us close together and we both found kinship in the new chapter of our lives. Bear in mind this story takes place before The Lady exists. Allero is the first world spirit that will eventually, when joined by others, become the Celestial we know as The Lady of Destiny.

Garlan: so this takes place before you are a Paladin of the Lady, Before you became her special someone.

Rindal: Yes, I don't fully know where my relationship with Daccura Vin is heading, or how my attachment to the Lady comes about, but Daccura is my first love. Thomas has hinted that I may have lived countless lifetimes, and I can see how that would be with the technology that lead to my initial birth.

Ferune: Care to elaborate on what an elf woman has that a human woman doesn't?

Rindal: No, I don't really care to.

Garlan: Ahem. Your relationships aside, Rindal, I'd like address the elephant in the room, if I may?

Ferune: Oh, really?

Garlan: It's just an idiom, Ferune, relax. Rindal, what do you have to say to people who feel you may be too perfect? People today want heroes that are vulnerable and troubled.

Rindal: I have my weaknesses. I get hurt. I bleed. At the same time, I am made to be a classic hero. I think my greatest shortcoming is that I am too willing to leap into action without fully contemplating the consequences. I am also too trusting, believing that those around me share in my own forthright nature. In each of the stories I have been in, I am not the only hero, there are many around me who have more complex natures. If the reader can't relate to me for some reason, there are many others around me which may be more approachable.

Ferune: I find you very approachable.

Garlan: Are you trying to get us fired from this gig?

Ferune: I'm the color commentary. You ask the important questions, and I keep everyone entertained. I'm just doing my job, o brother of mine, while you ask questions about elephants.

Garlan: One final question for Rindal while time permits. Is there anything you can tell us about what the future holds for you?

Rindal: That's tough. I know there is a vast amount of time between the events of The Allero Genesis and my introduction in the Vorallon universe. Really, anything can happen. I would love to explore much more of the Allero universe. I definitely expect more stories there as men, dragons, and elves spread among the stars. There's just no way to guess what my role is going to be at this time.

Ferune: Thomas hasn't indicated yet the whole timescale of his multiverse, but he's definitely laid the foundation for a broad canvas. He's even brough superheroes to the Earth universe of the Red Event and drawn connections between them and the universe of the God of Undeath.

Rindal: Which is connected with the Vorallon universe in turn.

Garlan: Do you think we'll see Sir Rindal within the Vorallon universe again?

Rindal: I hope so, but again, I have no idea.

Garlan: That's all the time we have today...

Ferune: I've got more time.

Garlan: Seriously, get your hand's off our guest, Ferune. Thanks everyone for joining us. Our next interview will be with a very special guest from the Terminals Saga, Abigail Danson...The astute reader will also note that Abigail writes the forward to The Allero Genesis, so there's a major crossover to discuss.

Ferune: Crap! Better get your questions down, Garlan. She's a supergenius.

Garlan: At least you'll keep your hands off of her.

Ferune: Maybe...

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