Thursday, February 21, 2013

Final City of Thunder cover

Final cover art for City of Thunder! I am really impressed with where this went--if I can toot my own horn. Perhaps I should acknowledge to all that I am every bit as insecure about my cover art as I am about my writing, so maybe my statement was simply self-affirming. Regardless, here it is at about 1:10 orginal pixel size:

This scene depicts the sorceress, Scythe, and a portion of the Zuxran host before the south walls of Halversome. To see how I start out with one of these forays into the realm of cover illustration, I am posting here my first sketch of Lorace for the cover of Lord of Vengeance, book 3 of Gifts of Vorallon. My goal is to have this up to the level of the first two covers in a short amount of time.

We shall see.

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