Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress on Lord of Vengeance cover

Hey, who's this little flying guy? The cover art for Lord of Vengeance is coming along just fine. I am putting one to two hours in on it each night. The setting is a sunset over an ocean and my POV is looking east, so the background probably needs to cool down a lot and the figure needs to warm up. I am happy with my anatomy and perspective, though I have to do a bit more to show that we are looking upward at him, probaby have to lift his chin a lot.


  1. Do you want it to look like a sunset on a clear day or a cloudy day? If it is cloudy then do you want those high flying clouds or the big ones that are bringing in a storm?

    This looks closer to a bright sunny day, which would mostly indicate good times. That might be different if the setting is in a desert.

    Ok sorry for rambling.

  2. No problem, its a clear day, yet the sun is on the horizon. There are dark clouds of a sort that will be seen on the back cover, but they do not block the sun.

    The background I have now is just some quick swipes of color, I am kind of waffling between going golden or purple.

    The mood of the piece is rather joyous, as is the scene, but it is very short lived.