Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today's bit of Vorallon

So nobody has asked me yet, but I am sure there are some who wonder what this symbol is that appears at the head of each chapter and on the spine of the print version of The Final Warden:

This is a glyph, very much like that which is inlaid into every stone of Halversome's walls. This exact glyph is crafted in book three, Lord of Vengeance. I thought it a good symbol of the story (as is a chain for obvious reasons to those of have finished The Final Warden).

In the story, these glyph's are made to focus and project an incredibly bright blue-white light that is imbued with the life of Vorallon. Their presence does not end with the trilogy, rather their importance extends into planned, future, volumes. In that aspect, I have taken it as a symbol of the world of Vorallon and plan on using it to symbolize all future works that take place in the same realm.

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